Benefits Of Exercising

If you’re reading this then congratulations! You have made it past the worst step of becoming fit and that is to decide to start living a healthy lifestyle. Making a decision like this is one you will never regret and it will only benefit you in the long run right up into your old age.

Exercising offers more than just a red face, sweatiness, and a slim figure. It’s something that reaches right into your soul and mind, and has the ability to change your life forever. Here are a few benefits that you can reap once you start your exercising routine and continue doing it on a regular occasion. The best part is that you will realise these changes after the first week of exercising!

Controls weight

Starting off with the obvious benefit, exercise has the ability to decrease your weight. If you want to start exercising in order to lose a few pounds here and there then you’ll be able to see results within a few days. Of course you won’t be losing pounds, but you’ll be losing centimetres and before long you’ll feel those pants buttoning easier or those zips riding up faster.

Combats health issues
Exercising is a great way to decrease serious health risks, or to control health diseases. You can prevent high blood pressure by doing an hour’s exercise 3 times a week. Regular exercise will decrease your cholesterol, as well as any types of serious heart diseases that may strike you at any time. Even people who are borderline diabetic have been known to turn their conditions around with a healthy diet and light exercise.

Improves mood

Those days where you just feel like sitting in your bed eating junk food or when you want to break someone’s neck for just talking too much are the days where you need to get up and exercise. Exercising releases endorphins – the same hormone that is released when falling in love! You’ll be walking out with a smile on your face after an exercising session.

Supplies more energy and better sleep
This is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? How can you have more energy but sleep better as well? The trick is to exercise a few hours before you go to bed. This way your heart and lungs are pumped with increase cardiovascular activity and it burns all the energy before bedtime. When you go to bed you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and you’ll sleep deeper. This is why mornings are the best time for exercise as it gives you that added boost for the day!

Improves cognitive and psychological abilities
Exercise has been known to have a number of hidden abilities that only you can feel. When embarking on a regular exercising routine you’ll find that you’ll be able to concentrate better, and that you’ll be able to think faster. Psychologically, you’ll feel a boost in your self-confidence levels as well as your social relationships with other. Exercising is the ultimate key to a happy body, mind, and soul.