How to go on holiday on the cheap!

We all like to go on holiday every once in awhile. The main issue with that is the cost. Holidays can be so very expensive depending on where you go, costs of travel, cost of meals and drinks, costs of lodging, and any other expenses that may occur.

Although it’s not always possible, if you’re able to be flexible with your dates, traveling outside of peak seasons will mean significant savings. Aside from major events and school holidays, looking at flight sales is a great way to determine when your destination of choice is likely to be at its cheapest. Not only will you enjoy significant savings on flights and accommodation, you’ll also avoid price hikes at your holiday destination and will benefit from avoiding the tourist crowds.
Although it often seems to make sense to fly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, these weekend departures are often much more expensive. If it’s possible to arrange your flights to depart during the week, you’ll enjoy airfare savings that are up to four times cheaper than those on the weekends. Cheap flights mid-week are also particularly handy when returning home, as flying in before the weekend gives you a few days to get the washing done and get yourself ready to go back to work if you must!
Whether you’re a large family or a group of friends traveling together, you can save a bundle simply by going in together on a larger residence. Although suites, villas and complete holiday homes can seem like a more expensive option, once the cost is split between everyone it can actually work out cheaper, especially when compared to the cost of booking multiple hotel rooms. These spacious accommodation options also feature an excellent range of additional facilities which you’re sure to enjoy.


Another great way to save money while on holidays is to book self-catering accommodation. You can bring your own food and shop the local supermarket for supplies and save lots of money, simply by not eating out for every meal. This doesn’t mean you need to slave over the stove for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day but you’ll be surprised what a difference to your budget it can make just by bringing along some cereal or whipping up a quick sandwich for lunch. Your wallet and waistline will thank you!
When eating out, skip the hotel restaurant where possible and opt for a nearby café or local restaurant. Hotel dining is notorious for being far more expensive and often offers very little outside your comfort zone. To really immerse yourself in a destination, enjoy the local delicacies on offer out on the streets. Not only will local cafes be cheaper, you might just discover a new favorite. Whether for your morning coffee and muffin or a more exotic dining experience, explore the local food scene and save.

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