How to keep your hair healthy

Despite their being many products on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of split ends and dry/damaged hair there is no way to actually fix it. This should be a short term solution but there is no better way to treat damaged hair than to keep it trimmed. It may seem like the opposing thing to do if you are looking to grow your hair out longer but split ends and dry hair breaks easily, which could be the reason your hair does not seem to be growing any longer.

Keep trims regular

Before growing your hair out and/or improving its health you should have a good trim, but also remember to keep having it trimmed periodically. In doing so any new damage will be removed so that broken hair shafts do not spread further up the hair causing it to break off. Think of it as a repairing a laddered pair of tights/stockings and stopping the ladder from running further.


Don’t forget to condition regularly

even if you suffer from greasy hair, do not forget to condition every time you shampoo as this will help to replace the oils that shampooing takes away. If you suffer from dry hair then use a denser conditioner as this will help to replenish it, this is especially important if your hair is long. Deep conditioning at least monthly will hive your hair a smooth feel and make it easier to deal with in between. Conditioning can also increase the hairs volume over time as it’s like giving a thirsty plant a drink of fresh water to increase hydration.


Take care with wet hair

If you prefer to comb/brush your hair when wet then there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly you should never brush wet hair as it is more delicate than when dry and the bristles are too close together, instead opt for a wide toothed comb and brushing through with conditioner can also help tame tangles without snagging.
Avoid damaging hair accessories

There are many different accessories on the market that look great and may seem easier to use, however some can do more short and long term damage making it harder to style in the future. That rubber band that is to hand on your desk may keep your hair out of your eyes but it will cause friction when removed, as will Velcro accessories or those that have sharp edges.


Be delicate with your hair

Although a whole head of hair has the ability to lift a lot more than its own weight, its important to remember just how delicate each strand actually is. If you want to grow your hair then you should keep on top of trimming to get rid of damage, just as you would a cancer. The longer your hair, the more you should pay attention to being delicate, but if you are continually treating your hair with colors’, chemicals and/or heat then you should be aware that the processes can take their toll causing new damage or adding to what exists already. Certain styles such as backcombing can put stress onto your hair if not done properly and can be a nightmare to untangle too!