How to keep your Nails Healthy

Although only a small part of your exterior, your nails say a lot about you so keeping them healthy is just as important as any other part of your body. Healthy nails not only look good but are also stronger so you are less prone to having nails all different lengths. Certain things you do on a regular basis may be damaging the health of your nails without you even realising it such as using strong hand cleaning products. Over cleaning with abrasive chemicals can even leave them more prone to bacterial infection and weaken them too!


Increase vitamin B intake
Vitamin B should be ingested as part of your everyday diet, however if you have a poor diet you just might not be getting enough to keep your nails strong. A supplement known as biotin is extremely useful in helping you to top of your vitamin B levels so that you can grow them out without them breaking.

Take a break from nail varnish
Decorating your nails with polish shouldn’t harm them if they are healthy but you should take a break occasionally. When removing varnish opt for a remover that is acetone free as these are better for your nails. Protect your nails from damage and chemicals by getting into the habit of wearing gloves when washing up, cleaning the house gardening.

Pay attention to your cuticles
The cuticles are the skin around the base of your nails and are a protective layer that can make a big difference to the health of them. Being too vigorous around this area when cleaning or pushing them back too far could cause damage which could leaves the nail beds exposed to outside influences including infection. Keeping this area moisturised, just like the rest of the skin will help to improve nail health. If you see any signs of infection you should see a medical practitioner to get the right treatment/advice.

Trim nails regularly

One of the problems with long nails is that they can easily get broken and snagged while undertaking everyday tasks. Ensure you trim your nails as part of your nail care regime and even if you would like them a bit longer pay attention to the ends by trimming away uneven ends and using a file to smooth. There is no right or wrong length of time between trimmings, but you should keep it consistent and relevant to the speed of your nail growth.



Avoid over manicuring

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a professional manicure, don’t go overboard. When your nails are shaped get them trimmed gently and don’t go back to a manicurist that is too brutal as this could cause damage to the cuticles leaving you exposed to infection. Many of the chemicals used for false nail application and extensions can actually damage the real nails underneath. The UV lights that are commonly used to finish nail treatments can put you at a higher risk of skin cancer too, so it is advisable to use sun screen before undergoing treatment.