How to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

As we get older the elasticity of our skin reduces causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear, but there are ways to reduce their appearance just by being kinder to our skin and body. The skin is one of the bodies largest organs and should be treated as such, keeping it away from potential toxins, pollutants and harsh chemicals.


Moisturizing with oils
Coconut oil has been used for both medicinal and beauty properties. In skincare coconut oil is useful because it contains ingredients that prevent premature aging free radicals from forming. Because it is one of natures moisturizers is can also help to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines that are already noticeable.
Olive oil is another useful oil in skincare with its properties first harnessed by the Egyptians. What makes it a great skincare product is the fact it contains antioxidants for health and vitamins A and E which are also known for their free radical protection qualities. Vitamin E has long been known to be a good aid for healing too!

Change your diet
Eating healthily can make a big difference to your skin and super foods can play a big part in the reduction of signs of aging. Almonds for example contain hydrating fats as well as vitamin E helping to plump out wrinkles and defer the damage of harmful UV rays. Blueberries also contain wrinkle friendly vitamins including antioxidants and vitamin C which is known to help the body to produce collagen (skin elastics). Tomatoes contain vitamin C too but they also have something called lycopene which has been scientifically proven to protect the skin from UV rays and improve the blood flow helping to give the skin a youthful natural glow.

Food for the face
Your intake of nutrition plays a vital role in your inner and exterior health but the application of food to the skin can also be beneficial! If you want to fade the appearance of age spots and prevent aging then mash a banana with about a teaspoon of fresh orange juice and the same amount of natural plain yoghurt to create a face mask full of benefits. The potassium rich bananas will help to moisturize the skin, where the vitamin E and B content will help to fight the production of free radicals.

Mineral application
Selenium is one of the most popular antioxidant and wrinkle treatments used in expensive beauty applications because it works! Copper is another mineral that is useful in helping the production of the skins natural elasticity. This shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts but is useful as a topical treatment aiding the reduction of wrinkles and lines.
Egg white face mask



If you mix egg whites with fresh lemon juice and honey your skin will relish in the antiseptic properties and bacteria fighting lemon juice. Egg whites contain properties that help to tighten the skin and shrink pores which reduces the chance of you getting unsightly blackheads and of course toxins into the skin.
The egg whites contain a lot of protein which is necessary for the repair of tissue damage. It can also preserve moisture already present in the skin and get rid of free radicals known to cause premature aging and some cancers! Slowing down the aging process this mask could help you look younger for longer!